Submitting a Tender to The BBC...

The BBC uses a range of methods to procure goods and services. Find out how they use competitive tendering for supplier selection, and how they evaluate and award contracts.

Competitive tendering
In order to achieve value for money the BBC use a range of methods to procure goods and services. The choice of method depends on the type of product or service and its overall value. However, competitive tendering is the overall preferred course of action for supplier selection and is generally utilised in the BBC when the value of the goods and services to be purchased exceeds £50,000. The following documents are usually used:

  • Instructions to tenderer detailing administrative procedures relating to the tender e.g. dates and times, method of tender return, evaluation criteria and where tender queries should be directed
  • Invitation to tender

The invitation to tender includes:
Specification of requirement

  • Service level agreement
  • Commercial, operational, corporate social responsibility
  • Pricing schedule