1st Byte - Clerkenwell Digital Print Specialist Placed in Administration...

Sad news that London digital print specialist 1st Byte has been placed into administration. The options to place your digital printing as well as your bids and tender presentations with a Central London based company that can produce everything under one roof are now very limited. It is extremely sad for the London digital print sector to loose such an accumulation of experience and talent. The result of this and other administrations over the past few years means a large proportion of work these companies would have produced will be sourced outside London.

1st Byte was formed by Lawrence Dalton, production director Tony Anderson and estimating and print director Stuart Williams nearly twenty years ago and was one of the early adopters of HP Indigo print technology. It also installed one of the UK’s first Scodix S75 digital embossing lines.

Digital Printing - Clerkenwell
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