Bid Documents

Submitting a professional bid plays a key part in winning new business. We work with market leading companies to help them retain their position, win contracts..see more

Bespoke Bookbinding

We specialise in luxury, hand crafted books for private, corporate and International clients. Our expertise in bookbinding allows us to produce one-off bespoke..see more

Slip Cases

 Slip cases provide a good quality alternative to presentation boxes. Built to hold one or more books, and with all the added features available  they can bring touches..see more

Foil Blocking

A technique to apply an image to paper, board or leather using metal foil. This technique is normally used for prestigious literature and presentations.

Foam Inserts

Foam Inserts adds a new dimension to the presentation of your bid. Widely used by luxury brands all over the world – this simple, practical product oozes quality and..see more

Digital Printing

With 19 years of experience in this particular field, we produce short run, press quality Indigo brochures - Ideal for PR credentials, leave behinds..see more

Tender Submissions

Submitting a professional bid plays a key part in winning new business. We work with market leading companies to help them retain their position, win..see more

Presentation Boxes

Crafted by hand using the finest materials, our presentation boxes are made bespoke to suit your bid. With added features including foil blocking, variable data..see more

iPad Cases

Bespoke presentation iPad cases made to order, are a fantastic addition to digital presentations. These can include cardboard engineering, printing..see more


An embossed image that is not stamped over a printed image, not foil stamped and the resulting raised image is the same colour as the paper.This is blind..

USB Devices

Unofficial research shows clients are more likely to keep and ‘recycle’ unusual devices. A stylish USB is a good conversation starter and powerful marketing tool..see more

Mock Ups

We combine our digital and bindery skills to produce 90% accurate mock-ups; Ideal for pitches, photo-shoots and general reassurance..see more

Presentation Folders

We make classic binders with a creative twist. Crafted by hand using the finest materials – we offer printed paper-over-board, innovative cloth coverings..see more

Bespoke Boxes

Exclusive to the London bookbindery, we also provide a range of 4-colour essential packaging. The essential range offers our clients another level..see more

CD & DVD Cases

We create bespoke CD and DVD cases to work in tandem with your printed documents. We offer the complete service from replicating data to 4-colour CD/DVD..see more

Tab Cutting

Tab cutting for indexing is a cutting process that forms tabs on the fore-edge of finished bound books. This allows the end user quick and easy access to various sections..see more

USB Compartments

Take your client on a journey by adding multi layers, cut shapes and secret compartments. From CD spiders to fully functional doors..see more

Room Dressing

Room dressing is a fast growing trend with pitch and proposal teams, one that we are at the forefront of by offering innovative services and original..see more

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